Everything we do is American Made we manufacture modular substation buildings & prefabricated substation buildings

We are manufacturing modular substation buildings & prefabricated substation buildings

About Us

Miller Industries, LLC is a family owned and operated company and was formed in July 2014. We are the parent company to Performance Fabricating, Flex Air, Miller Industries Representatives, and MiFarmPod. All located under the roof of our 106,000 sq. foot building, we specialize in custom steel fabrication, air supply systems and sales, representing numerous companies in HVAC applications.

Here at Miller Industries, located at 3070 W. Thompson Rd. MI, our products consist of conveyor systems, structural steel projects, stairs and platforms, baggage handling systems, air handling systems and many other powder-coated metal products and the list goes on. We provide our high-quality products to automotive, healthcare, data center, and institutional customers around the world.
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